Up to the ’80s several thousands of raptors were illegally shot each year with few limitations. Poachers used to kill raptors shooting from concrete bunkers illegally built along the slopes of the reliefs. More than 2000 hunting posts were counted and many of them are still visible. Poaching was widespread mostly on the Calabrian side of the Strait but also on the Sicilian side. The situation has been improving in the last decades thanks to the dedication of environmental associations with dozens of volunteers, together with the effort of the Italian Ministry of Forests and Agriculture with the seasonal activity of tens of forestry policemen (CFS) supported by helicopters. Now only few tens of hawk shooters are still active in the area and the situation is continuously improving with poachers shooting mostly from the gardens of their houses. The Strait of Messina’s slaughter had a dramatic effect on breeding populations until the ’90s and the notable recent increase among both migrant and breeding honey buzzards (especially in the Balkans) is likely to be the result of this conservationist effort.