The migration of raptors at the Strait of Messina provides a unique opportunity to study the behavioural ecology of raptors and other birds. At first, the needs of the conservationists pushed ornithologists to collect data and thanks to the observations in this area, researchers made the first descriptions of the migratory flyways across the Central Mediterranean. Moreover, starting from the ’90s, ornithologists analyzed the effect of the weather on the migratory flow and on the flock size. Several students realized their graduation theses at the Strait of Messina. All these exciting activities should be improved, and it could be possible within the upcoming European-Palearctic Network of migratory raptors watch-sites and with the support of a ornithological station and of the new available technologies (such as radars).
Here below, a partial list of scientific publications reporting results of research conducted at the Strait of Messina. It is possible to download the pdf reprints of some papers by clicking on active links. To read other papers please visit the Medraptors site.