In the map the watchpoints used on the Continental side of the Strait of Messina in the last years.
Stars show the main sites. Points are other used sites.

Red Star -> Solano spring point, there is a great view over the Strait, the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Eolian islands (33T 569977 E; 4231725 N)
Yellow Star -> S.S. 183 autumn point, close the northern border of the Aspromonte flat highland (33T 572081 E; 4229996 N)
Blue point -> Mount San Angelo, so called “Passo del Falco” good for spring in particular but for autumn as well (33T 568354 E; 4230291 N)
White point -> Solano autumn point, just in the middle of the Aspromonte flat highland. It was used as radar station between 2014 and 2016 (33T 572081 E; 4229996 N)
Grey point -> Mount San Leo, spring point with a beautiful view on the southern part of the Strait and the Etna Volcano (33T 569121 E; 4223082 N)